Matthew Stanford specializes in creating useful, usable and desirable experiences that deliver on both business objectives and user needs. Findings from user testing, surveys, and interviews are translated into valuable consumer insights. Matthew's technical skills include expertise of HTML5, CSS3, Adobe CS (Photoshop for mockups, Illustrator for icons, InDesign for documentation and presentations) and working knowledge of Axure as well as other wireframing tools. Matthew has a deep understanding of the connection between aesthetics and utility, beauty and brains, form and function. 
Matthew's professional background includes working in the industries of social expressions, education, information technology, fashion, and electronics. In addition to the work featured on this website, Matthew has worked with ABC Family, Ross Laboratories, Nationwide Insurance, Lutron Electronics, The Ohio State University, and Express among others. His education, including a Master of Fine Art in Design Research and Development from OSU and a Bachelor of Fine Art in Advertising & Graphic Design from CCAD, has provided him with a strong foundation in design—sharp design sensibilities, critical thinking, and an eye for detail.